Toys & Their Inspiration

First off, I want to apologize for the disappearance.  I don't want to get into the details, but I am back.  And no, unfortunately I did not get on to my series of BDSM portraits due to something.  Maybe I jinx myself when I announce things, but I should be getting back to the easel.  I also happen to have some script idea in mind so I will be spending time writing as well.

Anyway, to the point shall we?

Last month, I got myself this kickass looking adult toy called a KrampusKitzler with their "Hallow Night" colors by .  That is her direct website, but for her premade toys, please visit her Etsy store here:

This KrampusKitzler is a really adorable size.  I honestly could not stop looking at it when it arrived.  The colors and all were just incredible to me.  Honestly, if it weren't for having a minor in the house, I'd have this displayed as decoration rather than just for the intended use.

This toy is suppose to be a "handful" of clitoris rather than a penis.  That's completely fine with me since I prefer women. Also, I am one of those who don't care for some footlong or more sized toy and this size (Site says it is about 4.5 inch insert-able length)  is perfect to me.

Sheep (site owner) does have other toys available in her shop and on her direct website, she does make toys of certain themes during certain seasons (In other words, keep an eye out for these things).

I do want to give a heads up on possible shipping delays. PLEASE read her entire policies and FAQ.  Shipping of pre-made toys can take an average of 1 to 3 weeks for us USA folks and also states delays may happen.  She is upfront about this. I will not get into the reasons she states (You'll have to read it in her Etsy shop), but for this shop, you will need to have a little patience if you decide to buy anything.

Oh, and take a look at my toy!


And.... A photo of me using it...


Now, for the whole "Inspiration" part of the blog.

I do want to mention that I have a second order from DamnAverage that should be arriving sometime.  In fact, 3 of them.  There is this certain tentacle that is artspiring to me.  I still have yet to create a photograph of myself for a particular piece I have in mind, but I do not know how I will pull it off so far.   This certain tentacle toy I have coming over has a combination of colors I would like to use as reference for some colored pencil/Graphite work I have in mind (And yes. Use it for masturbatory purposes, too).  I am guessing I may get to this certain project by January.

I won't be making so many of these toy blogs, but maybe a few will be fine.  I still have yet to show off a couple goodies from Fantasticocks and NewForkloreSilicone.

I think it's time to stop typing up this blog and actually do something now.