Helping to Donate More to Animal Organizations and Shipping is Back Open

First off...

Shipping is back open.  HOWEVER, to limit myself from going out, I will only be dropping off shipments to the post office on Saturday's only.

Now, for the main reason for this blog:


For this month, Pornhub is paying out 85% to their models.  I REALLY want to push for sales this month because whatever I get, I want to donate 100% of what I make to The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Garden in Palm Desert.


I did mention video sales, BUT if you'd like to just pay a monthly price to have access to all and upcoming new videos and pictures, my Onlyfans account will be your best bet.  For this month, I have a 50% off promotion as a grand-opening to the account with some juicy photos and videos will be uploaded. There are also be bundle deals available.

Also, for this month, whatever subscriptions I accumulate, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to an animal-organization of my choosing (The Living Desert Zoo is one of them).  After April 2020, 10% profits from subscriptions will be donated.

Donation Percentage of Artwork Has Increased

As of now, instead of donating 10% of artwork sales, I am upping it to 50%.  Feel free to purchase my artwork.

I even sell animal art here:  OR

I was only going to do this til the end of April.  Instead, I will keep it at 50% until further notice.

Shipping is free to everyone in the USA.  I will sell animal art internationally at an additional shipping cost, but I am not shipping erotic nude art out of the country.

Upcoming Sketches

These will mainly be animal sketches, but pretty soon I will be uploading some quick sketches.  Prices vary depending on size


Shipping is free for USA addresses.

For these, after the shipping and PayPal fees taken out, whatever is left will go to the designated organization.  For instance, if I draw a tiger from Forever Wild Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Phelan and I sell it, whatever profit made will go directly towards them.  If I drew a jellyfish from Aquarium of the Pacific, the profit will go to them.  However, profits of other sketches can go anywhere or even the profit split between a couple different organizations.

I will not be making a penny off of these sketches.  These will be my full-on charity work to help facilities financially for care of their animals.


I got 5 drawings coming up based off a Pornhub video that will be uploaded tomorrow (Also coming to my OnlyFans account!).  Each drawings will be 5x7" minimal detailed charcoal drawings and normally, they're priced at $80 each.  HOWEVER, if the 5 drawings are still remaining for sale, I will give a discount if all 5 are bought at once by someone.  However, if 1 is to be sold, the bundle discount is no longer there and each drawing will  just be sold individually at $80 each.  I am thinking about doing this a bit more in the future.  Mainly, it'll likely be based off screencaptures of my dirty home made videos or photo collections.

Now, you're wondering why what the heck is up with the push of porn sales, art sales and donations?

I'm a member of the Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Garden.  On March 27, 2020, I received this email from their CEO:

"We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health and spirits during these difficult times. As the world continues to adapt to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, for many of us, the scariest part remains the unknown. The uncertainty of what lies ahead in the coming weeks, months, and year.
The decision to temporarily close our gates was made in the interest of public health. However, our daily earned revenue has dried up to zero overnight without guests visiting the Park. As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on ticket sales, memberships, and events. And, even though we had contingency plans for every normal disaster, our current situation is worse than 9/11 and the Great Recession combined, leaving us with a difficult road ahead. Every day The Living Desert is closed, we lose $30,000 a day.
We find ourselves needing to reach out to those who understand how important our work is for the animals in our care and our community.
While our gates are closed, a core team of animal care and veterinary professionals remain onsite ensuring that the over 450 animals that call The Living Desert home continue to receive the highest level of care.
I am deeply aware that everyone in our community is impacted by this situation. But I know that by working together we can emerge from this crisis a shaken, but stronger community. At The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens we believe that we serve our community in a variety of ways, in addition to our commitment to the natural world. We are a place of family, inspiration, solace, community, and a way to connect with nature. We look forward to that time when we can welcome you to visit again.

We invite you to help offset the cost of care for our animals during this difficult time. Your gift will enable us to purchase the necessary resources to continue providing the best possible care for our animals and virtually connecting with our community until we can open our gates once again.

Thank you for doing what you can for our Zoo in this time of need. It truly is because of you that we are able to make a difference in the lives of the animals in our care and to continue the important conservation and education programs that support the deserts of the world.

Allen Monroe
The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens"
When I reviewed this email, I got teary eyed.  It's bad enough I have been hearing of lay-offs, businesses forced to close due to "not being essential," to people who must scramble for babysitters (And that can be costly) because their small ones were released out of school, reading emails like this breaks my heart.

It isn't just them. This goes for many other animal zoos and sanctuaries that rely heavily on admissions. Because of this, I am trying to raise some money in hopes to help out.I am aware that pretty much everyone of us are impacted by this COVID-19 situation and we must help out somewhere and somehow as much as we can (if even able to).  I do wanna do my part in helping the animal care communities whether it be a zoo, sanctuary, or a rescue.

If you don't care to have my art, however, feel free to donate directly to good organizations you support.  That would be the best for them particularly.
If you are able to help out animal sanctuaries, other charitable organizations, or even your neighbors, co-workers, and so fourth, it would be a great idea to do so if you'd like.