Selling Art Has Been Halted Until Further Notice

I know it isn't often that I sell originals nor take commissions. I did think about whether or not it was pointless to write this entry due to lack of sales, but I decided I should anyway. I live in Southern California. We all have heard of the COVID-19 situation.  On top of that, they want us to stay home as much as we can. I am currently working for a company that is essential during the day and occasionally sell art on the side. However, as I hate to admit,  selling art is not an essential job.  Yes, I will remain drawing.  I will slowly try to get other tiers of Patreon up. I will be creating adult video content on Pornhub The only thing that is changing is that I am putting a halt into trying to sell artwork whether it be in person or mail until this whole Coronavirus epidemic slows down.  In other words, I am just avoiding going out as much as possible and just save the trips for when I need to (getting food, cleaning supplies, or driving to work). I will be avoiding going to the post office, checking my P.O. Box and so fourth. Also, after I announced on Twitter that I will be typing this, more has came up at my day-job.   I can't talk too much about it, but all I am gonna say is that I am not surprised at these recent events due to slowed business (people scared to come in due to the virus of course).  I hope everyone stays safe.  I know a vast majority of us are hurting both mentally, economically, and all, but all we can do is do our part in preventing the spread of this yucky virus, hope for the best, and hope for this to be over as soon as possible.  Sincerely, Raven D.