Some Fun New Things Await

I admit these aren't the most "sexiest" photos ever, but I only wanted to take a couple quick snaps of my new toys. Over time, I will slowly accumulate new things for my artwork (and just for the sake of a little fun). I won't be uploading everything I get all the time of course, but I just felt like sharing these with you guys.

I didn't realize this photo was blurry until I uploaded it to my laptop. This one is a breathable ball-gag that comes attached with nipple clamps. I did put it on the tightest hold of the band and did end up with redness on the sides of my mouth (which went away in a bit).

This one is just the plain nipple clamp and chain (If anyone hasn't already notice, I wasn't cold when I took the photo which would have made things better). After I took this quick picture, I did adjust the chain a bit so it wouldn't look messed up like you see in the photo.


One photo shows the clamp opened up and the other one isn't. Thank goodness they are adjustable because I am a weenie and did not let the clamps put ultimate grip on my nipples(Not yet anyway).

Anyway, I should be taking photos this weekend and preparing for next month (finally! I am making more art this year!). I will see you all on Patreon in September. Be sure to subscribe to it next month to see my latest uncensored photos of progresses before the general public and exclusive real-time videos.