Too Expensive?

I ran across a forum post by an artist on Deviant Art who goes by dahviesangel and this is what her forum post stated:

"It’s a shame that I had to even make a journal entry about people complaining about the cost of my adopts. I priced my adopts at the dirt-cheap price of 5 bucks and people still messaged me and complained that it was “too expensive”.
I was pricing my hard work $5 as a “favor” for people meaning affordable if someone wanted them. I feel that if you simply can’t afford an adopt of $5 or just don’t want to pay it, please don’t say it to the artist. Or complain to them about it. When you do that, you’re telling the artist that their hard-work isn’t worth the price they’re asking.
please be respectful to the artist and the price they’re asking. Today alone I’ve gotten 3 complaints about $5 being too high even 500 points! I’ve been nice about it but over and over I’m getting the same complaints and I shouldn’t even have to make this post! "

Not gonna lie. I had to look up what an adoptable was. Click here to know what it is.

One thing I notice on sites like Deviant Art is that a lot of artists sell custom works for a pretty low price as it is. Yet, some people still complain about paying $5 for a base and it's quite ridiculous.

Is $5 all that expensive for those adoptables?

Think about it for one sec...

The $5 is for...

1)a custom base for someone to use...

2)the artist's years of practice...

3) time spent by the artist

4)the license to be able to use it

5)the artist to be able to eat, keep a roof, pay other bills (just like anyone else) and be able to keep buying the supplies to create these pieces

Now, if you are an artist stumbling upon this entry and have gotten a complaint about your prices, think for a moment of you target audience. Are any of the people who want to low-ball you or take your work for free your target audience? Either that, are your target audience people who appreciate your hard work, skills, and effort and won't put you down for your prices (especially since $5 was already low to begin with!)?

Keep this in mind: No matter how cheap you put your prices, there is always someone who will complain and you do not need to cave into these people if you don't want to. If they don't like the price, they don't have to buy it.

I have to agree with Daviesangel of the fact that she had to even write any forum posts and journals about this.  Yet, this is the problem a lot of us artists must face (Or anyone selling in general) and we find ways to dealing with this.